Deformity is Not the End of Life Supreme Court Solicitor with. Differences

SANI Muhammad Sani
BARRISTER Sani Moyi, a Barristers and solicitor of the supreme court of Nigeria, is a physically challenged lawyer prosecuting for the Federal Republic of in the supreme court of Nigeria. He has carved a niche in the profession as a man who’s life is synanimous with the Idiom that says “Never say die! Say up man and try.” He pursue life with determination, zeal and uncompromising determination in wining his set goals despite an encounter he had with physical challenges of deformity at a year and a half of his arrival into this world.
Despite that, he has over the years becomes a source of inspiration and a role model not only to those that are challenged physically but to many youths who strives through life aiming for goals in life.
Barrister Sani Moyi was born health and hearty on Monday 2nd April, 1973, he started attending inclusive primary, secondary school and tertiary institution.
With clear focus he manage to scale through the rigours of life in pursuing education along the line of life journey with Allah on his side.
He said ” I could ran to anywhere at the tender age of 10 to 15 month of birth but Polio put me to sitting position when I was 20 month Old.”
However, with a zeal to trudge through and overcome all stumbling blocks, Moyi look far ahead determine to achieve successes through education.
On what motivate him to study law, Moyi revealed” I was cajoled into studying Law because my main ambition was to become a Medical Practitioner. That is the goal I zealously cherished, until I was denied admission despite my passes on merit to study medicine and surgery in 1990 by Bayero University, Kano.” He revealed
“Generally, I chose to study anything because I want to be self reliance and an epitome of determination to any challenged person.”
He explained that he will never forget the courage intuited by the people around him which he said, makes him focus, sober and self reliant.
“My Mother and father are the overall best of all and I was lucky to have some external assistants to achieve these set objectives.”

“My father used to jiggy piggy me to school when he was alive. I have had support from many people who are near and far, these gentlemen include Alhaji Mustapha Labaran Gusau, Alhaji Attahiriu Sakatare Gusau, Sen. Ahmad Sani Yariman Bakura, Alhaji Mamman Ruma and his wife Hajiya Dije Ta’icce of blessed memory plus so many from accross Nigeria.”
While advising the youths and and those with one deformity or another, Moyi urged them to challenge their disability, pointing out that it is only the lazy and the hopeless that are disable.
He pointed out that “They should be bold, proud of what they are, always consider themselves special beings and nothing can hinder their progress in life.
Moyi is married to a wife with two sons.

Deformity is Not the End of Life Supreme Court Solicitor with. Differences

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