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    Political Opportunists as Bane of Development



    By Sanusi Muhammad
    The thinking of most political office holders these days is tailored to perpetual stay in office at all odds not minding the aftermath of their actions. 
    They have discovered a goldmine in public office for permanent exploitation while the governed are left to rot at their own peril. They have redefined governance to mean self-serving adventure. Imagine a person elected to improve the welfare of the people but waits for directives to doing so. Imagine a person that lacks focus and initiative and refuses to accept those lapses and weaknesses for good LEADERSHIP, Imagine a stooge imposed on the people to serve.
    With 2023 firmly approaching, a gale of defection is sweeping through Nigeria’s political circles, battering the consciences of politicians- those who have any left, anyway- while serving as the wind in the sails of those for whom politics begins and stops at bread and butter with everything put down to the next naira that can find its way into their pockets no matter the source.
    As Nigeria continues to stagger and stutter on what has proven a forbiddingly treacherous road to nationhood, bad leadership and complicit followership have emerged as intractable problems.Simply put, Nigeria is not blessed with good and committed leaders but miscreants and cheats. Since independence in 1960, our country has had the misfortune of military incursions into governance. 
    On a positive note, democracy has been in place since 1999. As grateful as Nigerians are for the gift of democracy which in spite of its imperfections, places or at least seeks to place the people at the forefront of every discussion about power devolution and satisfaction, there is a certain ruefulness that the country has not been blessed with leaders who are able to maximize the enormous potentials of democracy to engender economic prosperity for Nigerians.
    All kinds of people are rigged or imposed to form the leadership of the country at various levels. There are the consummate liars, deceivers whose ageless ability to describe white as black has retained their relevance in the corridors of power; there are the career sycophants whose lack of revulsion at licking any kind of boot as long as it is worn by a powerbroker keeps them gainfully employed; there are the perennial underachievers who though inept at everything else are adept at manipulating the levers of power to perpetuate themselves in office; there are the serial opportunists for whom survival is the name of the game no matter who has what baggage; then there are the heinous hypocrites who say one thing and do the opposite while putting the system under crushing pressure.
     Such is the crop of leaders we are currently cursed with. Some even tend to like worship their godfathers believing those godfather morons have the spiritual and monetary powers to heap them on the people.
    Because they are bereft of vision and mission, discretion and wisdom, patriotism and sincerity, they put their areas of operation under enormous pressure and failure. The result has been a chilling destruction of the core values of the areas concerned which now threaten to cause disintegration of the entire country. Because they condone corruption, loves ostentatious living at public expense and nepotism and displays a generally shabby and shoddy approach towards public affairs; the country is in such dire straits.
    They are gleefully assisted by their extremely gullible followers. The more daring of followers reinvent themselves as thugs and tools of destruction during elections. For pittances, they allow themselves to be used for whatever hatchet and dirty job available.
    Nigerian politics is marked by a startling absence of ideology. For a lot of participants in the politics of the country, the way to go is whichever way the wind of opportunism blows because they lack credibility and the requirements to win any election unless through a window of wind opportunity the like that blew in 2015.
    So, they switch political parties as they wish in an elaborate game of musical chairs. Wherever political fruit ripen, they move with sickles, impervious to the stench of rottenness. Once the fruits are finished, they grumble, whip up imaginary affronts and aggravations and jump ship again. Such is the life cycle of the average Nigerian political opportunist.It sickens. That adults can lie so cheaply and so casually, or be so disturbingly flippant, sickens to the stomach those who have any morality left in Nigeria.
    The deductions are easy; if those who always put themselves out to take up public office are so utterly bereft of character, and the courage of conviction, what will be the fate of those public officers when they eventually get in? Answers to those questions are around the reader for choice.
    Muhammad is a commentator on national issues

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    According to Kiyawa, the command has put in place adequate security measures to ensure peace and order in all parts of the state before, during, and after the festive period. This is part of the command’s commitment to maintaining peace in conjunction with relevant security stakeholders.

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    Dauda Isma’il: A Beacon of Hope for the Masses



    Alhaji Dauda Isma’il, is a name synonymous with political sagacity, business acumen, and philanthropic endeavors. He has emerged as a shining star in the firmament of Nigerian politics and entrepreneurship.

    With a heart beats for the masses, Dauda Isma’il has dedicated his life to alleviating the sufferings of the common man, making him a beloved figure among the people.

    As a seasoned politician, Isma’il has consistently demonstrated his commitment to the welfare of the people, championing policies and initiatives that benefits people at the grassroots. His political ideology is rooted in the belief that government should serve the people, not the other way around.

    With a unique blend of vision, compassion, and leadership, he has inspired a new generation of politicians to follow in his footsteps.

    Beyond politics, Isma’il’s business prowess has created employment opportunities and economic empowerment for numerous individuals. His entrepreneurial ventures, spanning various sectors and as chairman of Chamama Real Estate and Properties, Chamama Motors, among others have contributed significantly to Nigeria’s economic growth and development in the areas of housing, automobile industries and many more. Yet, his success is not limited to his business accomplishments alone.

    Isma’il”s philanthropic efforts have touched the lives of countless individuals, providing succor to those in need.

    His foundation, Chamama foundation has established support in the education sector, healthcare, poverty alleviation and assisted significantly in assisting uncountable petty business owners making him a beacon of hope for many.

    His selflessness services and generosity have earned him widespread recognition and admiration.

    In a world where leaders are often driven by personal interests, Dauda Isma’il stands out as a rarity, a true servant-leader. His unwavering dedication to the masses has cemented his position as a champion of the people.

    As Nigeria navigates the complexities of development, Isma’il’s leadership, business acumen, and philanthropy offer a shining example for others to follow.

    Alhaji Dauda Isma’il’s remarkable journey serves as a testament to the power of compassion, hard work, and visionary leadership. As a political icon, business tycoon he continues to inspire and uplift the underprivilege, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of Nigerian society.

    Alhaji Dauda Isma’il if given an opportunity to serve the people would Excel and Make a Lasting positive Impact by:

    – Listening to the people’s concerns and address their needs with empathy and understanding.

    – Utilize his business acumen to create sustainable economic opportunities and jobs.

    – Leverage his political expertise to drive policies that benefit the masses, not just the few.

    – Expand his philanthropic efforts to reach even more individuals and communities.

    – Empower the youth and women through education, skills development, and mentorship.

    – Foster collaboration and unity among diverse groups to build a stronger, more inclusive society.

    – Continuously seek feedback and adapt his approach to ensure the people’s needs are being met.

    With Mameh at the helm of Affairs, the people’s welfare would be his top priority, and his selfless leadership would inspire a new era of progress and prosperity!

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