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Tinubu’s Sabotage Of Nigerian Democracy (Part 1)



Erasmus Ikhide 

THOSE who are still denuding themselves about the existence of democracy in Nigeria and its magisterial ethos, its enviably guaranteed people’s choice and libertian freedom for populist governance, have had their hopes prematurely smashed and their wills and wishes crushed, aggressively.

The February 25th, 2023 Presidential and National Assembly elections, no doubt have opened another dehumanizing front in the global rise of electoral fraud and authoritarianism. With APC and Tinubu’s efforts to weaken Nigeria’s Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) — President Muhammadu Buhari and his corrupt coalition of fascists and ultra-orthodox allies in his cabinet — are determined to translate their anti-democratic tendencies into authoritarian elections manipulation and votes buying.

With the outcome of the brazenly and crudely manipulated general elections and the arrogant and flagrant display of impunity and corruption, coupled with barefaced tyranny orchestrated by the APC bands of thugs; open destruction of sensitive elections materials, and the boisterous equivocation of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s (BAT) outburst of caging the dragon, at his maiden Presidential Speech announces a clear descent into anarchy and barbarism.

Up till this moment Tinubu’s hasn’t denied the trending audio conversations where he was heard interacting with someone whom he gave $170m Dollars (N229b) to influence the outcome of the elections in his favour and that of his political party; The All Progressives Congress (APC). From our investigation, majority of all the 37 University Vice Chancellors who were earlier paid N4.5m (Four Million, Five Hundred Thousand Naira) across the 36 states of the Federation, including the nation’s Capital Territory Abuja — by Prof Mahmood Yakubu  refused to announce the fake elections — results prepared by him as against the original results, even with the offer of additional N25m (Twenty Five Million Naira). Where did the huge amount of money coming from with which Prof. Mahmood Yakubu used to bribe the compromised Professors with, other than from Tinubu?

The fake elections results manually and corruptly announced by Prof. Mahmood Yakubu against the electoral law across the country, were the ones submitted by ‘other Professors’ who deputised for the Vice Chancellors, who refused to sell their souls to the devil are Dead-On-Arrival. All the copies of the original results from the conducted elections are with the polling units agents of all the political parties, as well as the Professors across board in the country who participated in the elections. So, the concocted announced elections results from Mahmood Yakubu didn’t add up.

Little wonder some of the Professors who are States Returning Officers declined announcing the results at the Abuja final collation centre for fear of being killed by the Governors in the various states of the federation. Added to that is the audio conversations where Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State was caught warning that he will kill the INEC officer in Rivers State for refusing to work for the money he was paid to execute the rigging of the elections. 

Besides the deliberate and primitive manipulation of elections results, the crises are even made worst by the Moribund and archaic Independence National Electoral Commission (INEC) headed by the Stone Age Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, who acted the abominable script of the political party in power, that care less if the country burns, provided its continued access to the nation’s treasury is securely guaranteed. To make matter worse, it was revealed that INEC deliberately switched off its server to prevent INEC officials across the country from uploading elections results in record time into its portals to justify the money they collected from Tinubu. 

Prof. Mahmood Yakubu deliberately scammed the nation’s citizens into believing that 2023 general elections results would be electronically transmitted real time, from the polling units to avoid sabotage and votes manipulation in tandem with 2022 Electoral Law and in accordance with the INEC rules. That singularly assurances that citizens’ votes would count and would be instantaneously uploaded into the commission’s website ignited the unprecedented upsurge of the Nigerian youths, who duly registered to vote in last Saturday’s elections. Now, that hope of a new Nigeria is seemingly being dashed!

The traumatized Nigerian youths who have been reduced to slaves and play things in their own country — in the hands of dubious politicians —  who have been raped and slaughtered by heartless and unregenerated political elites, are never aware that the vampires in power, have once again laid ambush for them since they couldn’t buy their conscience. 

The Nigerian youths and the majority of its people made the point and took bold steps last week Saturday to extricate themselves and the ill-fated nation from the drag net of the dementia drug lord called Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whose daily gaffes of incoherent dialogue with the spirits will further plugged the nation into the precipice. 

The bottled up anger over APC ruination of Nigeria, namely the scarcity of currency, joblessness, nor availability of fuel, diesel, kerosene, lacks of electricity, educational collapse, nonexistent of basic infrastructure, kidnapping, maiming, raping and slaughtering of citizens by Fulani terrorists, Islamic bandits, ISWAP and Boko Haram, gave vent to the total rejection of all APC candidates across the country, but INEC says otherwise. 

The last is yet to be heard from this glaring outright asphyxiation of the people’s mandate by a bunch of electoral robbers, masterminded by President Muhammadu Buhari, Bola Ahmed Tinubu and their demonic collaborators across the country, within the rank of the APC.

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ACF hails Gov. Yusuf 50% slash down of school fees, says the move is exemplary



The Arewa Consultative Forum( ACF) has hail the 50% reduction of school fees for indigent students by the incumbent Governor, of Kano State, Abba Kabir Yusuf as exemplary and worthy to emulate by other governor’s.

Gov. Yusuf has recently cut down 50% reduction in the registration fee for the 2023/2024 academic session for all Kano State indigenes studying regular courses at the Aliko Dangote University of Science and Technology, Wudil, Yusuf Maitama Sule University Kano, Sa’adatu Rimi University of Education, Kumbotso, Audu Bako College of Agriculture, Dambatta and other state owned tertiary institutions accross the state to cushion  the worsening economic situation people have been going through. 

While reacting to the governor’s initiative, the Chairman of the forum, Dr. Goni Farouk Umar  described the decision as both revolutionary and a hallmark of visionary leadership. 

He noted with delight the Kano State government’s resolve to restore its foreign scholarship programme designed to sponsor 1001 best graduates which demonstrates the government compassion that resulted in the payment of N700million registration fees for 700 Kano State students at the Bayero University Kano. 

The ACF leader noted that both the slashing of the fees in state owned institutions, and the off-setting of the BUK fees would go along way to ease the burden on parents and the students occasioned by the current economic hardship. 

Dr  Umar who describe education as power, and pivot in society’s advancement, prayed for the successful implementation of the government’s pro-poor education policies.

 He also appealed to all sections of the community to support educational development in all facets. 

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Nigeria’s President Tinubu say’s country’s pilgrim who return $80,000 to owner in Saudi is a pride of all.



President of Nigeria, Mr  Ahmed Bola Tinubu will honour Zamfara pilgrim Hajiya A’ishatu ‘Yan Guru Nahuce who found $80,000 in Saudi Arabia during the last Hajj exercise and return the money to it’s rightful owner. Chairman Zamfara State Hajj Commission, Alhaji Musa Mallaha has revealed.

Mallaha disclosed that the president is overwhelmed by the act of honesty exhibited by the female pilgrim hence he directed the National Hajj Commission to organize a national press conference to interview the woman for record keeping while in Saudi.

When the directives was given by the president according to Mallaha, the woman was already airlifted back to Nigeria adding that arrangements are in top gear to ensure the presidential directives is implemented as soon as possible.

Mr. Mallaha who revealed that president Tinubu expressed delight and pointed out that Hajiya Nahuce has brought respect and honour to her country Nigeria said the commission’s preparation towards the national press conference in Nigeria now will include the State governor, Dauda Lawan keying into the activities.

Mallaha further said that her honesty is a pride to all Muslims accross the globe.

The woman during the last excise stumbled into the money while performing Tawaff at the Ka’abah, she said that she kick the bag of the money to a distance for fear of been trample upon if she bow down to pick it up because of the large crowd. An Arab Pilgrim who saw her action pick the bag and gave it to her thinking that it was hers.

Mrs. Nahuce who was sponsored to Hajj by her son’s revealed that it was her first trip to the holy land.

She further revealed in an interview that, she took the money to the officials of her local government Hajj commission and handed it over. The officials met Saudi Authorities and within few days the owner was found and the money was returned to him.

She commented that she was not aware of the magnitude of her action until she was back home to Nigeria where she understands that the news went viral before her arrival

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Nigerian Army neutralize 7 bandits, comb bush for others in Zamfara



Nigerian Army neutralized seven Armed Bandits while several others flee with gunshots wounds in the late hours of Monday. 

The bandits in large number according to reliable source attempted to infiltrate and attack the troops at Kango Sabuwa. The gallant troops of Sector 1 Operation Hadarin Daji in conjunction with troops deployed at Forward Operating Base Wanke were steps ahead of them.

This was achieved by the troops in an ambush operation along the route suspected to be used by the Bandits.

The troops Shortly after the encounter proceeds in pursuit of other fleeing wounded bandits, recovered 1 Machine Gun, ammunition and 6 Motorcycles from the armed bandits.

The Commander Joint Task Force Northwest Operation Hadarin Daji, Major General Godwin Mutkut commends the troops for their bravery and resilience in dealing with the Armed Bandits.

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